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1.As manager, what kinds of information do you think you will be exploring through the Internet for research ?

Answer : The information from the internet is electronic mail ( e – mail ), conduct research, look at and obtain data and text information, graphics, sound and video and also promote and sell the products on the internet.

2. In what ways are personal computers useful to the organization ?

Answer : Yes because these software programs can be purchased off the shelf from a software retailer as a packaged program, or can be custom designe for the specific and unique needs at organization. Organizational research using analytic techniques like simulation becomes feasible since manager can experiment with several possible outcomes by creating different plausible sceilarios, sitting in front of a PC.

3. How do you think you will aply the concepts of data warehousing and data mining in a company doing retail Business ?

Answer : It is easy to helps research to see how the information technology function through data warehousing and data mining.

4. How does the PC help in information gathering and information dissemination ?

Answer : A file server – a CPU – that provides PC connected to it with the hardware and software resources needed to process data effectively.

5. How can PC technology be misused ?

Answer : Gve some hypothenical instances where could occur. First it is important that the privacy of all individuals is protected. Second, companies also need to ensure that confidential information relating to individual is protected and doesn’t find its way to unscrupulous vendor. Third care should be taken to ensure that incorrect information is not distributed across the many different files of the company.

Nama Kelompok :

1.Anang Hermanto ( 20207098 )

2.Bondan Untoro ( 20207216 )

3.Hendra Hidayat ( 20205573 )

4.Mahensal Ifnu Prabowo ( 20207682 )

5.Mohammad Wisnu Prabowo ( 20207725 )

Kelas : 3 EB 12

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