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1. How would you like describe the Research Process?

Answer : Identification of the broad problem area to be researched, preliminary data gathering trough interviews and literature survey, and problem definition.

2. Explain the preliminary data collection Method

Answer : Unstructured interviews, structured interviews, and library research would help the researcher to define the problem more specifically and envolve atheory, delineating possible variable the problem.

3. Why is it important to gather information on the background of the organization?

Answer : It is important for the researcher or the research team especially if on outside sgency conducts the research to be well acquainted with the background of the company or organization studied.

4. Should a researcher always obtain information on the structural aspects and job charecteristics from interviewd?Give reasons for your answer with examples!

Answer : Yes, I think so because information on company policies, structure, workflow, management philosophy, and the likecan be obtained by asking direct question of the management, example when researcher questions are directed at several managers individualsy, it is quite possible that some of the responses are conflicting and contracidtory.

5. How would you go about doing literature survey in the area of business ethics ?

Answer : The researcher could star the literature survey even as the information from the unstructured and structured interviews is being gathered.

6. What is the purpose of literature survey ?

Answer : The purpose of the literature reviews is to unsure that no important variable is ignored that has in the past been found to have had impact on the problem.

7. Why is appropriate citation important ? What are the consequences of not giving credit to the source from which materials are extracted ?

Answer : It’s very important because the citation is to mention identification about the source materials extracted.

8. “The problem definition stage is perhaps more critical in the research process than the problem solution stage”. Discuss this statement!

Answer : Because the problem definition stage is oritied that the focus for further research, or, in other word, the problem, be unambiguously identified and defined.

9. Why should one get hung up on the problem definition if one already knows the broad problem are to be studied ?

Answer : Because a problem could simply indicate an interest in an issue where finding the right answers might help to improve an existing situation. In either case, ne should know what exactly the issue is for whish one seeks answers.

10. Acces the one line system in your library and (a) generate a list of the references that relate to the performance of general motors, and (b) obtain the abstracts of these studies?

Answer : a. accessing data in the library are very important, because we can get a reference from the book according to what we are going thorough.
b. otherwise we will have the insight and vast knowledge when we will make a research abstract.

11. Access the on line system and obtain a list of references that deal with product image?

Answer : With the access on line, we become easy in finding a variety of reference sources list that will support our research. and also we can get various types of image products from the company.

12. Offer a cleary focused problem statement in the broad area of corporate culture ?

Answer : Every company must certainly have many problems, but with the research that there is a problem in the company can overcome and be given a proper solution

13. After studying and extracting information from all the relevant work done previously, how does the researcher know which particular references, articles, and information should be given promirence in the literature survey?

Answer : After successfully doing research, it must be submitted with the correct data, but it must be clear information, from which the reference and the data obtained.

Nama Kelompok :

1.Anang Hermanto ( 20207098 )

2.Bondan Untoro ( 20207216 )

3.Hendra Hidayat ( 20205573 )

4.Mahensal Ifnu Prabowo ( 20207682 )

5.Mohammad Wisnu Prabowo ( 20207725 )

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