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1. Why is it necessary to have the letter of authorization in the report?

Answer : A copy of the letter of authorization from the sponsor of the study, approving the investigation and detailing its scope, will be attached at the the beginning of the report. This would have been given by the sponsor in the response to the research proposal submitted by researchersoon after the initial interviews and the identification of the problem.

2. Discuss the purpose and contents of the Executive Summary?

Answer : The executive summary is brief aaccount of the research study that provides an overview, and highlights the following important information related to the study the problem statement, the sampling design, the data collection methods used, result of data analysis, the findings and the recommendations with suggestions for their implementation.

3. What are the similarities and differences of basic and applied research reports?

Answer : The differences of basic report is use synopsis and applied research use executive summary. The similar is all report should have an introductory section detaling the purpose of the study, giving some background of what it relates to, and stating the problem studied, setting the stage for what the reader could expect in the rest of the report.

4. How have technological advancements helped in writing and presenting research reports?

Answer : Technology help reinforced presenting research report by visual tabular and graphical forms of representation of the data will be provided and despite the fact that report writing is a function of the purpose of the study and the type of audience to which it is presented, and has accordingly to be tailored to meet both, certain basic features are integral to all written report.

5. Why is it necessary to specify the limitations of the study in the research report?

Answer : It is necessary to limitation of the study in the research report so that the issue in the research study is not too wide, so we can focused on the main issue that we studied on.

6. What aspects of a class research project would you stress in the written report and in the oral presentation?

Answer : The challenge is also to present the important aspects of the study in an interesting manner while still providing statical and quantitative information, that many in the audience may find rather dull. Different stimuli have to be creatively provided to the audience to sustain their interest thoughout the presentation.

Nama Kelompok :
1.Anang Hermanto ( 20207098 )
2.Bondan Untoro ( 20207216 )
3.Hendra Hidayat ( 20205573 )
4.Mahensal Ifnu Prabowo ( 20207682 )
5.Mohammad Wisnu Prabowo ( 20207725 )

Kelas : 3 EB 12


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