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1. What are the basic research design issues? describe them in some detail.

Answer : Disscus the situations in which exploratory, descriptive, hypothesis – testing, and case studies are called for, As may be seen, issues relating to decisions regarding the purpose for the study ( exploratory, descriptive, hypothesis testing ), where the study will be conducated ( i.e , the study setting ), the type of study it should be ( type of investigation ), the extent to which the researcher manipulated and controls the study ( extent of researcher interference), the temporal aspecus of the study ( time horizon ), and the level at which the data will be analyzed ( unit if analysis ), are integral to research design.

2. Why are the basic design issues important to consider before conducting the study and even as early as at the time of formulating the research question?

Answer : Because that the more sophisticated and rigorous the research desion, the greater the time, cost and other resources expondednon the study.

3. Is a field study totally out of the question if one is trying to estabilish cause and effect relationship?

Answer : No, it is field experiments it is studies conducted to establish cause and effect relationships using the same natural environment in which employees normally function, experiments done to establish cause and effect relationship beyond the possibility of the least doubth require the creation of an artificial, contrived environment factors are controlled.

4. “An exploratory study is just as useful as a predictive study”. Discuss this statement.

Answer : Because an exploratory study is undertaken when not much is known about the situation at hand, or when no information is avaible on how similar problem or research issues have been solved in the past, exploratory studies are important for obtaining a good graso of the phenomena of interest and advancing knowledge through good theory building and hypothesis testing.

5. Why is the unit of analysis an integral part of the research design?

Answer : Because the unit of analysis even as we formulate the research question, since the data collection methods, sampe size, and even the variables included in the framework may sometimes be determined or guided by the level at which data are aggregated for analysis.

6. Discuss the interrelationship among noncontrived setting, the purpose of the study, type of investigation, researcher interference, and time horizon of study.

Answer : This concludes the interference, and time horizon of study. Study, type of investigation, extent of researches interference, study setting, unit of analysis, and the time horizon the researcher would determine the appropriate decisions to be made in the study design based on the problem definition, the research objectives, the exfent of rigor desired, and cost considerations.

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1.Anang Hermanto ( 20207098 )

2.Bondan Untoro ( 20207216 )

3.Hendra Hidayat ( 20205573 )

4.Mahensal Ifnu Prabowo ( 20207682 )

5.Mohammad Wisnu Prabowo ( 20207725 )

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