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1. Briefly describe the difference between attitude rating scales and ranking scales and indicate when the two are used.

Answer : Now that we know the four different types of scales that can be used to measure the operationally defined dimensions and elements of a variable, it is neccessary to examin the methods of scaling to elicit the attitudinal responses of subjects toward objects, events, or persons. Rating scale ave several response categories and are used to elicit responses with regard to the object, event, or person studied. Ranking scale, on the other hand, make comparisons between or among objects, events, or persons and elicit the preferred choices and ranking among them.

2. Why is it important to establish the ‘goodness’ of measures and how is this done ?

Anwer : The goodness of measures is established through the different kinds of validity and reability. The result of any research can only be as good as the measures that tap the consepts in the theoretical framework. We need to use well-validated and realiable measures to ensure that we engage in scientific research.

3. Construct a semantic differential scale to assess the properties of a particular brand of coffe or tea.

Answer : Several bipolar attributes are identified at the extremes of the scale, and respondents are asked to indicate their attitudes, on what may be called a semantic space, toward a particular individual, object, or event on each of the attributes. The bipolar adjectives used, for instance, would denote such terms as : Hot – Cold. The semantic differential scale is used to assess respondents attidutes toward a particular brand.

4. “Whenever possible, it is advisable to use instruments that have already been developed and repeatly used in published studies, rather than developed our own imstruments for our studies.” Do you agree? Discuss the reason for your answer.

Answer : We are not agree, because if we are not able to develop the instrument, so we can not get new experience, and dependence with the available instruments. It is better if we use our instruments so that we able to learn new things.

5. “A valid instruments is always reliable, but a reliable instruments may not always be valid.” Comment on this statement.

Answer : I think i agree with this statement because a valid instrument it means fact and always realiable instrument maybe it’s issue . so it is always be valid. Although this statement have to same substance word (realiable and valid) but they have different means.

Nama Kelompok :

1.Anang Hermanto ( 20207098 )

2.Bondan Untoro ( 20207216 )

3.Hendra Hidayat ( 20205573 )

4.Mahensal Ifnu Prabowo ( 20207682 )

5.Mohammad Wisnu Prabowo ( 20207725 )

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