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1.Describe there hallmarks of scientific research


  • the manager has strated with a definite aim or purpose for the research ( purposivennes)
  • rigor : A good theoretical base and a sound methodological design would add rigor to purposive study
  • testability: manager or research develops certain hypotheses on how employee commitment be tested by applying statistical tests to data collected for the purpose
  • replicability: that is participation in decisions making is one of the most important factors that influences the commitment of employes to the organization.
  • Precision and confidence : in management research, we seldom have the luxury of being able to draw “definitive” conclusions based on the results of data analysis.
  • Objectivity : they should be based on the facts resulting from the findings from data, and not based on our own subjective or emotional values.
  • Benera Lizibility : refers to scope of applicability of the research finding in one organizational setting to other settings.
  • Parsimony : Simplicity in explaining the phenomena or problems that occur and ingenerating solutions for the problems ,is always preffered to complex research frame works that consider an unmanageable numbers of factors.

2.What are the steps in hypothetico-dedductive research? Explain them,using an example not in the book.

Answer :

  • Observation : is the first stage, in which one senses that certain changes are occurring, or that same new behaviors, attitudes and feelings are surefacing in one’s environment. Ex: we have sensitive what happening in the work place.
  • Preliminary infomtion gathering : involves the seeking of information in depth, of what is observed . ex: we have must gathering information on what is occur.
  • Hypothesiting : step after theory formulation. ex: Testing of research.
  • Further scientific data collection.
  • After the development of the hipotheses, data with respect to each variable in the hipotheses need to be optained. ex: data will need to the test hipotheses.
  • Data analysis : the data gathered are statistically analyzed to see if the hipotheses that were generated have been supported. Ex: the data have been tasted appropriate. The analysis ststistical.
  • Deduction : the data analysis result. Ex: The final of conclution for problem.

3. One hears the word research being by Various groups, including research organizations, college and university professors, doctoral students, graduate assistants working of faculty, graduate and undergraduate student doing there term papers, research departments in industis. Newspaper reporter, journalists lawyers, doctors and other professionals and non professionals. In the light of what you have learned in this chapter. Which among aforementroned groups people do you thing maybe doing “scientific” investigations in the areas of basic or applied reaserch ? why?

Answer : because research is very useful for every organization.

4.Explain the processes of deduction and induction, giving an example of each.

Answer :

Deduction : is procces by wich we arrive at a reasoned clonclition by logically generalizing from a know fach. Ex : we know that all high performers are highly proficient in their jobs.

Induction : is a process where we observe certain phenomena and on this basis arrive at conclution. Ex : we see that the production processes are the prime feature of factories or manufatoring plants. And the and the clonclude that factories exist for production purposes.

5.If reaserch in the management area cannot be 100 percent scientific. Why brother to do it at all?

Comment on this statement

Answer : because it would interfere in the management process

6.Critique the following reaserch done in a service industry as to the extent to which it meets the hallmark of scientific investigation discussed in this chapter.

Answer : not in accordance with the existing order

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